Van Halen members break up after ‘racist’ comments

Sep 12, 2021 Contact

van halen has announced it will not play any more concerts in Norway because of a “racist” song, but its members are not the only ones unhappy with the way things have gone.

According to the Associated Press, members of the Norwegian rock group have called off the country’s biggest concert tour and a Norwegian media report claimed they were also upset by a “discussion” about the band’s future in the country.

“We will not do anything that makes our country look bad, and that is what we are saying in this situation,” a statement from the band said.

“It’s not about the music, it’s about the culture and the history of the country,” guitarist Dave Clark told the AP.

“Our Norwegian fans have supported us for a long time, we want to see the country again and I don’t want to lose the Norwegian fans.”

The Norwegian paper reports that members of van haleng’s current Norwegian tour group are angry with the band over the song “Black Sheep”, which they say is racist.

“Black Sheep” was created by singer Van Haleng’s manager and featured on their 2010 album “Winding Down.”

It is one of many songs that members are upset about in the band.

Van Haleng has a history of racist lyrics and anti-black sentiments.

Last month, it was reported that the band had been banned from a Norwegian tour due to racist lyrics.

The AP reports that the group was told the ban would last for two weeks, but the ban was later extended.

It is unclear why the ban took so long.

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