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Why is a van selling for $10,000?

A van selling at $10 million isn’t uncommon for new cars, but it’s not the same thing as a van being bought for that much.

There are a few reasons why a van sale will go over that price tag.

Some of them are more difficult to spot.

A van may be selling for as little as $10 to $12, or more.

Another factor is that a lot of new vehicles are getting bigger and heavier.

The bigger and lighter the car, the more likely it is that there are a lot more passengers in the backseat.

For example, the 2016 Toyota Prius Plug-in hybrid was sold for $28,000 and the 2018 Audi A4 was sold at $36,000.

This means the 2016 Prius had a whopping 6.8 people in the front seat.

Even a small car like the 2016 Honda Civic hatchback, which has only 5 people in front, can fetch over $10-million.

If you’re looking for a used car that will sell for a great deal, look to a van.

There’s a reason why a used van is so popular.

“It’s very easy to get into the car,” said Steve Cunliffe, an automotive industry analyst for Kelley Blue Book.

He also said it’s easier to sell a used vehicle than a used SUV, since it has fewer seats.

While some vehicles are selling for under $10m, many of the cars sold for more than $10.

You may also be surprised to learn that the median price for a new car in Australia is $23,000, while a new SUV is expected to sell for about $25,000 in Australia.

And remember, buying a used and used-good car is much cheaper than buying a brand new vehicle.

But if you’re ready to get down to business, here’s how to get a used or used-paint van for as low as $5,000 a piece.

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