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How to find your perfect pair of high top vans platform shoes

Stacy Van Dyke and her husband, Tyler Van Dykes, are both enthusiasts.

Both are avid skaters and avid road trippers, and when they wanted to find a pair of pair of vans platform sneakers they both knew exactly what they were looking for.

“We love high top sneakers because they are comfortable, they are stylish, and they are durable,” Stacey says.

Tyler says he loves to go off trail, “they are perfect for running, jumping off cliffs, hiking, and anything else you might need to get a little bit of distance.”

Tyler and Stacey went on to buy a pair in the US, but the pair quickly became a staple in their lives.

“I have been running with these sneakers for about 6 months now,” Tyler says.

“It’s been a great fit for me.”

The Van Dykes have since become familiar with the shoe, and the pair has become a staple on their daily run.

Stacey has been running in the same pair for the past two years, and is always impressed with how well the shoe holds up.

“It feels good on my feet, and it’s easy to get into and out of, I love it!”

Stacey exclaims.

The Stacey Van Dykas high top shoes have become a favorite pair for their adventures, and Stacy has even been known to buy her own pairs for her husband and sons.

Now that the pair is getting a new pair, the Van Dyks plan on taking their expertise to the next level.

“We’ve been working on these shoes for the last year and a half now and we are excited to bring them to the world,” Stacy says.

Stacy says she is happy with the fit and feel of the shoes, but she also believes the brand should offer some more options for women.

“There is a lot of women who need a lot more options to wear high top boots,” she says.

“We want to show that high top boot is still a versatile and affordable footwear choice for women.”

Stacy and Tyler both have high hopes for the future of high tops.

“High top boots are great for people who want a good fit, but also want the comfort of high heels,” Stacys says.

The pair has already put together a couple of videos about the style, and will be releasing more in the coming months.

Source: TechRadars

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