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Van Lines and LinesCustom Vans line up to take over Dutch lines

Netherlands, which has been in the throes of an outbreak of H1N1 flu, has ordered more than 100,000 vans to take part in the nationalisation of the country’s main transport companies.

Dutch transport companies Van Lines, Lines and Transportel have said they will sell off the lines of some lines of the largest operators, including Lufthansa and Air France, which will now be run by new companies.

The government is also expected to set up a joint-venture venture for the Netherlands to buy lines from its largest rivals, to help prevent a repeat of last year’s botched takeover of the company that runs Dutch rail services.

The Netherlands has also begun selling off some of its fleet of passenger vans, as well as the line of private bus operators.

Van Lines has said it expects to be able to take the vans out of service by the end of the year, and Lines and Lufstansa will also have to shut down some lines by the middle of next year.

The Dutch government has set a goal of taking out 100 million passenger vans by 2025.

Van lines are the backbone of Dutch transport infrastructure, transporting passengers between the countrys major cities and the country´s borders with the UK, Germany and Denmark.

They are owned by the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany, and they are also used by many airlines.

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