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How to Live Without Your Favorite Song: How to Stop Worrying and Love Your Favorite Artist

In the 1980s, a young singer named Sharon Van Etten released a collection of songs on her solo album, Songs of Love and Other Sounds, and the songs that followed were widely beloved and instantly recognizable.

Among those she released was the timeless song “I Can’t Dance,” which has since become a hit in its own right and is now playing in the U.K. as a song about love.

It is a powerful, powerful song that speaks directly to Van Eten’s own struggle to find meaning in her life.

But there is another song Van Ettens own song “Wish You Were Here” that has a completely different message.

Van Etten sang the song, which was written to end a relationship, while still in her 30s, but she chose to sing it in her 40s, so as to reflect on her own experiences with her relationship with her ex-husband, Nick Van Exel.

When asked about the song at the time, Van Etetten explained: “It was my song to end that relationship, to say, I can’t dance anymore, and that’s why I wrote it, so I could let go and let Nick come out of his shell and go back to being who he is.”

Van Etnen, now 66, tells Yahoo Beauty that while the song was written about her relationship and her experience in her relationship, it also speaks to the struggles of many women, as they move through life.

“I think the song is so moving for many women that are in a relationship,” she says.

“I think there are a lot of women out there who are in relationships that they wish were different, but they are not, and it’s hard for them to accept it, to get over it, because they’re not going to let it go.

So I think it’s important for women to have these songs to really talk about themselves and to really let their experiences be their stories.”

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