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Why the purple van is not quite as stylish as it appears on the news

A purple van was once a stylish alternative to the traditional black one.

The van had a distinctive greenish colour scheme.

Now the van is slowly fading from the headlines.

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VW has unveiled new blue vans, new red vans, black vans

The Volkswagen Group is introducing a new range of diesel vehicles in the United States.

The new models will be available starting in 2019 and include the Volkswagen Golf and Golf 2.

The Golf and 2 are VW’s most popular vehicles in Europe and the United Kingdom, respectively.

The Volkswagen Golf is VW’s biggest car and was launched in 2016 with the Golf GTI and Golf SE.

The first models of the Golf were released in 2019.

The new range includes a new diesel Golf, Golf GT, Golf SportWagen, Golf E-Golf, Golf Wagon, Golf Turbo and Golf Sport.

The Golf is currently the best-selling car in Europe, but VW plans to introduce a new generation of Golfs with better performance and more environmentally friendly features in 2018.

VW says the new cars are expected to be more fuel efficient and to achieve greater fuel economy compared to previous generations.

The vehicles will also feature new LED headlights, more advanced electronic safety systems and new advanced driving modes.

The diesel Golf is the most fuel-efficient diesel car in the world, with the fuel-efficiency rating of 37 mpg on a city-oriented road.

Volkswagen says the Golf will be the world’s first diesel car to be equipped with the EPA’s zero emissions standard.

The company says the EPA will be able to certify the vehicles with the emissions standards as early as 2020.VW says the diesel Golf SE, which has a range of 20,000 to 24,000 miles on a single tank of fuel, will also be the first diesel vehicle to be available with a range up to 25,000.

It is expected to have a range equivalent to the Volkswagen Jetta TDI.

The VW Golf TDI has a combined fuel-economy rating of 35 mpg.

Volkswagen said it will offer a new version of the TDI that features a new design that will feature the same aerodynamics and aerodynamic technology as the Golf SE but with more fuel-saving features.

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