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Why are you wasting my money?

The National Review article by Van Wilder and Stan Van Gundy (Vanity Fair) Van Wilding and Stan van Buldy are co-authors of the book, American Idiot, which is about American identity.

They are also former staffers of the Republican Party and members of the conservative pundit class.

Van Wilders new book argues that our culture, which he calls “the American identity,” has been undermined by the “false belief” that “the West is the home of the American people.”

Van Wildering and Van Buldys book is the result of a conversation between them and other former staffers in the Republican party, including Steve Deace, who served as a spokesman for Mitt Romney during his 2012 presidential campaign and who is now a senior adviser to Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.).

In the interview, Van Wildier and Van Guldy discuss the GOP’s recent shift away from immigration reform, Trump’s foreign policy, and the rise of the populist movement.

They argue that the country is “in trouble” because of its “failure to be honest about the problems.”

“You see a lot of these things that we’re dealing with in the news that are really quite interesting,” Van Wildie said.

“You don’t see a whole lot of them that we’ve seen before.”

Van Guindy said that the party “has been very secretive in how it is trying to communicate to the electorate.”

“They’ve been hiding behind this identity thing,” Van Guundy said.

The conversation began in early December, when Van Wilderie, Van Buirdy, and Deace discussed the recent Trump campaign announcement that he had hired Breitbart News founder Steve Bannon to serve as his campaign’s chief strategist.

Van Buijs book comes at a time when conservatives and progressives are in an uncomfortable and sometimes even uncomfortable alliance. “

The idea of ‘We’re not racist, we’re not bigots, we can get along with everyone,'” Van Guied said.

Van Buijs book comes at a time when conservatives and progressives are in an uncomfortable and sometimes even uncomfortable alliance.

“We’ve been working together for the last 20 years, and we have to be willing to change the direction of this country if we want to move forward,” Van Buindy explained.

“There’s a lot to be learned from working together in the past.

And we are very much aware of that, but we also know that we need to change how we approach things.

And that’s where we are at the moment.”

Van Bujuns book comes as the Republican establishment in Washington, D.C., has been working to defeat the populist, antiestablishment populist movement known as the Donald Trumps.

In a speech to the National Press Club in early January, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said, “The only way we can beat Trump is if we change the way we talk about race and ethnicity and the way that we think about America.”

Schiff was referring to the Republican presidential candidate’s claim that he was “unashamedly” a white supremacist and a “racist” after he said he had never voted for a Democrat.

The comments have sparked outrage and controversy in some quarters.

On Jan. 10, Trump issued a statement denying that he ever called for violence against people of color.

“I have said nothing that would suggest I am racist,” Trump said.

At the same time, Trump has taken credit for securing jobs for people of African descent in manufacturing and said he would hire more of them if elected president.

In an interview with CNN, Van Guijs told The Daily Beast that he believes that the establishment, which has “done a lot in the last four years to weaken and marginalize this movement,” is “going to have to come to terms with the fact that the Trump phenomenon is not going away.”

“The Trump phenomenon has been very effective in making sure that a certain segment of the population is feeling more alienated, and it’s creating a vacuum where the people that are not white are feeling alienated,” Van Duijs said.

He argued that the movement is not the problem but the “opportunity.”

“When you’re a white person and you’re not part of the middle class, it’s difficult for you to see where this is going,” Van duijs explained.

Van Duigys point of view, which was echoed by others on the conservative right, is that the “real crisis” for the GOP is the party’s inability to unite around a single message.

“This is a moment of enormous peril for our country,” Van wilder told The Huffington Post.

“It’s a moment when we have a choice: Do we move forward with the policies that have been endorsed by the Trump campaign, or do we go back to the status quo, which we’ve had for four years? I

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