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UK and Turkish troops enter Syria for first time

Turkish and UK troops are preparing to enter Syria from Turkey, a Turkish military spokesman said on Sunday, adding that a large number of tanks and heavy artillery would be used in the operation.

A spokesman for the Turkish Armed Forces said the troops would cross into Syria on the eastern frontier from the Turkish side of the Euphrates river.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said earlier in the day that the British-led coalition had made a deal with Russia to launch a bombing mission in Syria, adding the plan had been agreed upon with Russia and the United States.

He also said the Turkish military would conduct the operation from Turkey’s western border, with the aim of eliminating IS militants in Syria.

Turkey is supporting the Syrian government in its fight against IS militants.

‘Dances with Wolves’: Mariano van Zandt tells a sad story about being a homeless man

Van Gogh was one of the first people to be homeless in Paris, but he didn’t want to be.

His story of survival and rebirth inspired the work of many artists.

Now, his work is being used in a new documentary film, “Dances With Wolves,” about the art of homelessness.

The film, which opens in theaters this week, follows Van Goghan through a year of living with mental illness.

It’s part of a growing trend in French film, said Anne-Lise Brissot, a professor at the Centre for Human Rights Studies at the University of Paris.

“The documentary films are not just about the artist.

They are also about their story and about the story of the homeless person,” she said.

“This film is a part of that process.”

The film follows Van Zandts’ transformation into a painter, and he tells his story to help viewers understand the work he does.

He’s also asked about his relationship with his daughter, who is now a refugee and lives in a refugee camp in Greece.

The filmmaker’s film, titled “Romeo and Juliet,” tells the story, with the pair having their first conversation in a Paris bar.

It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January and was nominated for the 2017 BAFTA.

“It’s very hard to explain to someone that this is their father,” Van Goggy said of his father’s story.

“I am very sad.

He is not a human being anymore.

He isn’t a person.

He has no life.

He can’t get out of the house.

He doesn’t have a job.

He works at the bar and I’m trying to make a living as a painter.”

The portrait of Van Goigans first encounter with homelessness The painter’s story is the story the filmmaker wants to tell about the work.

It has long been the story in French art that art is the means of expression.

It is also a story that many artists tell to help their art come to life, Brisset said.

It was the case with Van Googers work, Briscot said.

He wanted to show the work, and the work shows that.

“Van Gogh knew he wanted to become a painter,” she explained.

“He knew he would have to make this work because he was going to die.”

He wanted a portrait, Brisket said, and in Paris he painted “the portrait of his death.”

“We all want to see what the artist has to say.

So he did this painting with a single hand, and we have no idea what the painting is saying.

It may be about his own life, his father, or about the city, and how it all is coming apart,” she added.

Van Goagans work is based on his experience as a homeless person.

The artist was an apprentice in Paris and the city was full of artists and artists had to work from home because the city didn’t have electricity or running water.

He also experienced homelessness, Brisquot said, because he had lost a job at the time of the riots.

The painting was meant to be an act of protest, Brissett said, but it also was a reflection of the artist’s life.

The work also is about Van Goggans own struggles.

Van gogh has said that his father was an alcoholic and that he tried to kill him.

“They both had the same problems, they both had a lot of problems, and they both didn’t understand that the artist could be different,” Brissott said.

The portrait shows Van Goegans work as a reflection on that.

It tells the viewer the artist doesn’t understand the homeless situation, Brisett said.

Vangogh was homeless for three months, and Brissart said his father often told him stories of homelessness that were meant to help the artist understand what he’s going through.

“What we are doing is a reflection, and a story, on the artist,” she told ABC News.

“That’s what we are saying.

He didn’t say this to be funny.

He said this to give his father a chance to understand that this was his father and his father is a human.

Art is about people, and art is always a dialogue. “

For me, art is not just a piece of paper.

Art is about people, and art is always a dialogue.

It takes time to get to that point, but that’s the beauty of art.”

‘I’d love to see a movie about my life’: ‘I’m a hippie’ author’s story

It’s been 20 years since a young boy named Chris van Dusen went missing in a park in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood.

It’s almost impossible to forget the boy who lived in the same home as his father, a man with a long history of violence.

Chris was just a little boy, but he grew up with the stigma that many kids have to overcome.

His mother was a drug addict and a violent woman who abused drugs.

He was adopted by a woman who gave him drugs and alcohol, he said, but the abuse was all over the house.

He didn’t speak a word of English and the police didn’t know who he was or where he came from.

It wasn’t until he was five years old that he got a glimpse of what the world had become.

“He just looked at me and said, ‘Mom, I want to go back,'” his mother said.

“I told him, ‘You can’t go back.'”‘

We’re living in a time of crisis’: What you need to know about the opioid crisis in OntarioThe family was forced to move from the apartment to a trailer and Chris had to learn how to walk again and to get up.

“When we got there he was standing on the floor, he had no legs, he was in pain,” his mother recalled.

I was so shocked, I thought, ‘What’s going on?'” “

It was just shocking.

I was so shocked, I thought, ‘What’s going on?'”

For three years, Chris spent his days on the street, sleeping on the grass, eating garbage, or stealing from the garbage cans.

It was his first experience with homelessness, and he became determined to get help.

“We were homeless, we were sleeping on street corners, but we just wanted help,” he said.

But his family couldn’t afford a house, so they decided to move in with a relative, who gave them a place to live.

“At that point we were pretty much broke, and we were homeless and our whole lives were being lived on the streets,” Chris said.

After six months, he found himself homeless again.

It took him three more years before he finally found his way into a rehabilitation centre.

But that was the beginning of his dark days.

Chris was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was living with his parents.

“Every day was a struggle.

He’s always had to take medication,” said his mother.

But the stigma and isolation didn’t help Chris.

“People were just looking down on him.

He could barely talk to anyone, he couldn’t even go to school,” he explained.

He had to go to therapy at a local hospital every week to help him cope with the medication and the fact that he had to live in a trailer with his father.

“For the first two years I was just sleeping in the street.

It didn’t get any better, it was just miserable,” he continued.

“The drugs really got to me.

It became a nightmare, and I couldn’t sleep.

I just had a lot of anxiety, a lot,” Chris recalled.

He started using heroin again and ended up in rehab.

But it wasn’t easy.

“You go in there and you’re really not able to interact with anybody,” he told CBC News.

“They just don’t care, they just don’ understand, and that’s just how it was.”‘

We were living in an era’: A look at the opioid epidemic in OntarioIt was around this time that Chris found a friend and his story changed.

The friend was a recovering addict who had started using drugs.

They fell in love and got married, but after a year of living together, the marriage dissolved.

“My husband and I moved to a different city and he was just living on his own,” Chris explained.

“And I didn’t want to be alone.”

He had a new relationship with his mother and was able to find a place for himself.

For the first time, Chris was able for the first one year of his life to start living independently.

“A lot of people were looking down at us,” Chris recounted.

“Even now, when I’m thinking about it, I’m just thinking, ‘Why am I looking down?’

It wasn’t even that I was looking down.”

Chris says his life is better now, but that the stigma still lingers around the family.

“There are so many stories out there, so many people, and it’s really hard to even get a sense of where people come from, where their parents came from, and what they’ve gone through,” he concluded.

“As an artist, you have to be able to say to yourself, ‘I can’t tell people that I’ve been living this

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