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How to purchase tickets to Van Halen album tour

Posted October 08, 2018 04:13:23When the Van Halens last album was released in 2010, they had no plans of releasing any further material.

Now, they are going into a new phase with their fifth album, titled Van HalEN: The Next Generation.

While they’re going through a major transition, the Van’s music will remain the same.

This is because the band’s creative process has not changed.

This time, the team decided to focus on the new material first, with the goal of creating a cohesive whole.

This was not an easy decision, as they were constantly touring and had no idea what to expect.

They have a new album coming out on October 8th, titled The Next Level, and we asked the band if they could share with us their thoughts on the transition.

Van Halen has always said that they don’t take their music seriously enough.

They are a band that wants to play it safe, and they don�t care about what people think about them.

They’re not going to take on any sort of publicity whatsoever, and that�s what really gets them into trouble.

I think that the band will do the best that they can with this transition, and if they can keep it that way, they�ll be fine.

We also know that there will be a lot of new music coming out this time around, which will be very exciting.

VanHalen will release their new album on October 9th.

For fans who are already planning to buy tickets, here are some ways to do so.

The first way is through our friends at Ticketfly.com.

We�ve got you covered with the latest Van Halening information.

Vanhalen is currently on tour in the United States and Canada.

Tickets for this tour go on sale on September 23rd.

Van Halened�s first North American tour was in 2018, and their second one will start in August 2019.

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