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Why the Clintons have a special bond with black vans

As part of a series on the Clintons’ bond with blacks, a new book says the Clintons were the only family in the world who “had no fear of being lynched.”

“They could never be lynched,” former President Bill Clinton said in an interview with the New Yorker.

“They knew that was a myth.

And they knew that people like us would never be held accountable for that myth.”

The Clintons had been in the spotlight for decades as an organization known as “The Clintons,” for the Clintons and their brother, former President Barack Obama.

The family’s first president, William Jefferson Clinton, was a staunch supporter of the Civil Rights movement and helped establish the first Black Leadership Council in New York.

After leaving office in 1994, Bill Clinton worked to build a national infrastructure for black people, particularly African-Americans in the South.

In 1992, he was the first president to address the nation’s capital on behalf of the U.S. Congress in the Black Leadership Forum, where he was joined by NAACP President Cornell William Brooks and other Black leaders.

As part, Bill gave an impassioned speech in which he promised to fight for the rights of Black people and called on other leaders to do the same.

He also vowed to “work with my brother, President Barack, to ensure that there is justice for all Americans.”

During his time as president, he also worked to make Black history, introducing the first interracial basketball tournament at the University of Texas, the first day of the first All-Star Game, and a statue of him at the White House.

“The Clinton name has long been associated with African-American history,” the book, Black Van Gogh: The Life of Mariana Van Zeller, says.

“And in truth, her legacy is far greater than the names that are inscribed on her tombstone.”

The book details the impact the Clintons had on black history.

It also chronicles the rise of black women’s organizations and the movement for equal rights in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

The Clintons have been called the “fathers of civil rights,” the “mothers of Black Power,” and “mother-fathers.”

“The legacy of the Clintons will be long and enduring, but it will be a long time before Black people have a place at the heart of the White Houses,” the author wrote.

The book comes as the Clintons are under renewed scrutiny for their alleged role in a deadly 2016 mass shooting in which two members of the Ku Klux Klan killed nine people and injured 21 more.

The former president has denied involvement in the shooting, but Hillary Clinton has insisted she was not in the room when the shooting occurred.

In a statement on Tuesday, Bill said that “as we’ve come to learn, this is the third time that a presidential candidate or their family has been targeted by hate and violence in the United States.

We have to be bold and stand up for the dignity and humanity of every American, no matter where they live or what their background is.

We are also committed to bringing justice to the killer.”

Hillary Clinton on Tuesday condemned the shooting and urged other politicians to do their part to end hate and racism in America.

“This is not about political rhetoric, this isn’t about blaming one person, this doesn’t have to do with the KKK, this won’t have any impact on anyone,” she said.

“It is about us standing together to show that hatred, violence, and bigotry can never be tolerated, and it will never be accepted in America.”

The Clinton family is not the only one who has faced criticism over their ties to the Ku Klans.

The author, author of the book and a Black Lives Matter activist, says she is “extremely proud” of the work she’s done to expose the legacy of racism in the family.

“I want to be the one to get this right,” she told The Hill.

“But also to take a moment and remember that there’s no room for political correctness in America and that we have to all be willing to say, yes, we’ve been there, but we have also been here before.”

In his book, Van Zant says the family has not been shy about their history of racial discrimination and that she has seen it firsthand.

“There’s been no one else in the whole history of the Clinton family who’s been more than a little bit complicit in the systemic racism that they’ve created,” she says.

Van Zante’s book, which was published by Regnery, was the second book by the Black Lives Matters activist.

In 2015, Van Goleyer was named by the group as one of the most influential women in the country for her work to fight systemic racism in American society.

She was also named one of “60 most influential people in the American political and entertainment world” in 2016.

“In the history of Black Lives, the Clintons, and the

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