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Aug 6, 2021 Transportation

The NFL draft is upon us.

With the first two rounds of the draft set to begin Tuesday morning, the draft is likely to be dominated by players who can play a wide range of positions and who, by all accounts, have the necessary tools to be NFL-caliber.

We’re here to take a look at those players, and then some.

Here are a few players who might fit a few of the traits that are in short supply at this year’s NFL draft: A quarterbackThe biggest knock on the 6-foot-5, 225-pound DeShone Kizer is that he’s an old-school quarterback who isn’t quite ready for the rigors of the NFL.

He’s got the size and arm strength to be a No. 1 overall pick, but he’s not a true No. 2 quarterback.

The Dolphins signed Kizer to a five-year, $75 million contract in 2016.

In his first two seasons, Kizer threw for 2,624 yards and 20 touchdowns.

Kizer has a big arm, but is a long way from being a franchise quarterback.

A running backWhen you look at a running back draft, you might see guys who are raw or raw and don’t have the tools to become great NFL backs.

But, if you take a closer look, you’ll find a lot of guys who could play either wide receiver or running back.

It’s important to note that these guys are either running backs or receiving tight ends, and they don’t necessarily have to be fullbacks.

But they can be a little bit of both.

The Eagles are trying to trade up to select a runningback.

They’re looking for a big-bodied, shifty runner who can make defenders miss.

He could be a future No. 3 running back, or they could select a player like Texas A&M’s Kevin King, who can also run, according to ESPN.

King’s ability to create mismatches in space and finish plays with his legs and power will give the Eagles a different type of running game that they lacked last year.

A tight endWho would you rather have on your roster?

If you’re a coach looking to develop your tight ends this offseason, it’s probably a running-back or tight end.

Tight ends are used to playing a lot in the passing game, and running backs are known for their speed and ability to beat linebackers.

The Eagles are hoping that the talent they have on the roster can help them become more explosive.

They could get a running game going with King and the Eagles, which could help the team run the ball more.

They’ve got a lot to like about the tight end position, but they also have a lot riding on whether they can develop the other pieces to build around.

A cornerbackA lot of times, NFL teams will look at corners and think they’re in the business of playing the corner position.

But a lot more teams are trying out their cornerbacks, and this could be the year the league finally starts to realize that cornerbacks are an area where the league needs to take steps to become more aggressive.

Safety is a position that’s really underappreciated, and that’s why we’ve had so many corners fall through the cracks.

Teams need to start investing in corners.

If a team doesn’t take a chance on a corner, it won’t make sense to invest in a safety.

There’s a lot that teams have to look at in this position, from how they approach their corners to the position of the safeties.

A lot of people would like to see the Eagles draft safety Malik Hooker, but the Eagles have other needs in that area.

The Saints were the first team to pick up the No. 24 pick in the draft.

Hooker was selected by the New Orleans Saints in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft.

He played his rookie season at safety for the Saints and recorded 18 tackles and two interceptions.

A defensive tackleThe Cowboys are trying a different approach to this draft, and it’s one that could pay dividends.

They need to get a little more aggressive and have more players on the field.

The Cowboys need to draft a defensive tackle, but that could be difficult because they’re looking at several prospects.

They don’t like their interior defensive tackles who can be too much of a liability.

So, they’ll likely have to go to the edge to get the player they want.

A safetyThe Falcons are trying something different with their safety position.

They are looking to build a secondary that can make a difference at the position.

It doesn’t have to involve a player of any particular caliber, but having someone with the traits to be good fits their needs is a huge advantage.

They selected safety Jourdan Lewis in the third round of last year’s draft, but had him play just five games before the season ended.

Lewis is a physical, physical player who can run in space.

He doesn’t need to be an absolute force,

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