How to get a moving van rental in New Jersey

Aug 9, 2021 Rental

Moving vans are not exactly new to the New Jersey market, but they have taken off in recent years.

Now, New Jerseyans can rent them with no previous experience, with a minimum of two months in New York City and one month in New England.

New Jerseyans who have been moving vans for years, but never have rented them in New Hampshire, can now do just that.

New Jersey Department of Transportation spokeswoman Rebecca Hildebrand said she couldn’t confirm if the new rental program would be available statewide, but it would be a good place to start.

She said they’re offering two types of rental: one in New Mexico and one in the northern part of New Jersey, and that the vans are available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis.

In New Jersey in recent months, people have been flocking to rental vans to take advantage of the new law.

The New York Daily News reported last week that a group of New York men had rented out more than a dozen vans in New Brunswick, and more than 200 New Jersey residents had rented vans to work as temporary rental cars.

But New Jersey isn’t the only state where people are getting ready to rent vans.

According to the Daily News, about 300 people are moving vans to the northern half of New Hampshire.

In Massachusetts, about 500 people are renting vans in Boston, and about 100 people are leasing vans in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

New Hampshire is the only other state in the nation to allow people to rent out vans in both New York and New Jersey.

New Jersey also has an ordinance allowing people to lease vans, and the state Department of Motor Vehicles says people can rent out van services in New New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

There are other states that allow renters to rent a van.

The state of Hawaii has a similar ordinance.

I’m not sure that this program will work in other parts of the country.

But, it’s definitely an interesting idea, especially in light of the recent news about the federal government allowing states to let people rent out trailers for a fee.

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