How did the BJP get away with a fake election victory?

Jul 14, 2021 Transportation

In May this year, Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won Delhi’s Municipal Corporation elections.

This was a massive success for the party, which had won almost half the seats in the city for nearly 20 years.

But the BJP did not have the votes to form a government.

The BJP, which was in power for only a few months, did not expect to have to form an alliance with the Congress.

The alliance was formed, however, to form the government.

The BJP did win over voters, but the Congress was not the only party that came out ahead.

The Congress came out on top in nearly every constituency in the state.

This led to speculation that the BJP would form the next government.

This speculation proved correct.

The alliance formed by the BJP and the Congress did not work out as expected.

The two parties did not agree on many issues, but they agreed on one issue: they wanted to make the electoral process as transparent as possible.

For years, the BJP had maintained that the election process was a “free and fair” one.

But the BJP came out of the election in the red, while the Congress came in second place.

The result was a huge embarrassment for the BJP, and for the state’s Congress Party, which has been in power since independence.

The AAP, a party that had not been part of the government for a long time, took over the reins of power and was given a mandate to form government.

It was an impressive performance.

In December this year , the BJP-led coalition was formed.

This government is currently in power, and the AAP is set to form as a part of that government.

What is going on?

The election results have led to a lot of speculation.

In the short-term, what has happened is that the AAP and the BJP are trying to form their respective governments in a way that is very difficult to pull off.

This is because the AAP has been seen as the least likely party to form such a government, and it has been criticised for not wanting to work with the BJP.

The parties have both been trying to get the BJP to form its government.

On the other hand, the AAP’s success in the elections has given the BJP hope that it could form a coalition with the opposition.

However, the Modi government has so far refused to take any political risk, so it cannot form a minority government.

There are several factors that may have led the BJP in this direction.

The party has been under pressure for months, with the Election Commission questioning its ability to form governments in Delhi.

It has also had to deal with the aftermath of the recent riots, in which thousands of Muslims and Dalits were attacked in the name of a Muslim identity, and which the BJP has not responded to.

It has also faced a series of controversies, and some have been fuelled by the election results.

In October this year the Delhi High Court struck down the Delhi Police’s controversial anti-black mob law.

This ruling also led to the arrest of three senior BJP leaders, including its top leader, Arvind Kejriwal, and six of his top party leaders.

The AAP has also been facing a series a controversies, as well as being under attack by the Congress and the Left for their alleged role in the riots.

In May, the party was forced to apologise to its supporters for its anti-Muslim remarks, which it had made during the Delhi assembly elections last year.

It also had its headquarters attacked by a mob.

This has also led some to suspect that the party has a more pro-Congress agenda than the AAP.

The fact that the Congress is in power and that it is not the party to blame for the riots also makes the BJP uneasy.

The Congress has also said that the Delhi elections were rigged in favour of the BJP’s allies.

In addition, the Congress has accused the BJP of running a dirty campaign, in an attempt to undermine the AAP government.

These allegations are being taken very seriously.

The Delhi Police has also launched an inquiry into allegations of corruption.

The results of the Delhi polls have not been conclusive, but it seems that the people of Delhi have not given the parties a fair chance to form coalitions.

The poll results are the result of an election that is not transparent.

It is the result that is causing the uncertainty.

This has created a situation where the BJP is not able to form coalition with any other party in Delhi, and so they have not made much progress.

The government has been made the subject of intense criticism by the Opposition parties.

In response, the government has announced an investigation into the matter.

There is also a lot to be said for the Modi-led government.

After all, the poll results in Delhi are the outcome of a free and fair election, which the Opposition had called a fake one.

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