‘Duty-bound’: What’s next for Jerusalem’s Jewish and Muslim communities?

Jun 18, 2021 Contact

A new government will be sworn in in Jerusalem this week, with a new Prime Minister and new government ministers expected to join the country’s first female prime minister in nearly two decades.

On Thursday, the country is set to elect its new head of government, who is expected to replace the countrys current Prime Minister Tzipi Livni, who resigned in February after the country suffered a massive security breach at the hands of Islamic extremists.

Israel’s Chief Rabbinate said the country was ready to begin voting in the new leader, and the country also has an incoming Jewish parliament.

But the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was elected to office in January 2017, is also set to take office with a number of new faces.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus coalition is set for its first official meeting in the Knesset (Parliament) after it took office on Tuesday, as it aims to appoint the new head and cabinet.

Netanyahu is expected at the meeting to outline his vision for the country, including plans to ease tensions with the Palestinians, which are a major concern for many Israelis.

Netanyahu has promised to move away from the controversial policy of building settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, which the Israeli government says are needed to prevent a “two-state solution” with a Palestinian state on both sides of the Green Line.

Israel is already home to more than 500,000 Israeli settlers living in the occupied territories.

Netanayahu has also vowed to continue to promote the country to the United Nations and has also promised to keep up the military campaign against Iran-backed militias in the Gaza Strip.

He also has promised that Israel will remain in the Golan Heights for a third time, but the move could also be seen as an attempt to make peace with the Islamist movement Hamas.

“Netanyahu’s government has been unable to find a way out of the security crisis, and we expect a new government to be sworn to restore security,” said Naftali Bennett, the leader of the nationalist Jewish Home party.

“We want to be clear that the Prime Minister is the one to do this, because he is the only one who can secure the future of Israel and the Palestinians.”

The election is likely to be a high-profile event for Netanyahu, and he is expected for the swearing-in to be televised live from Jerusalem, where he will address a joint session of the country.

The prime minister is also expected to visit the holy city of Jerusalem, home to the Western Wall and the Dome of the Rock, where some 1.8 million Jews and Muslims worship.

Netania will take over from Livni on Jan. 1, and she is expected later to lead the country through a difficult period of a two-year period, during which the number of Israelis seeking to leave the country for more than six months rose to a new high.

Netneh will also face a challenge from another nationalist party, which has been pushing for her to take the helm.

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein, a former head of Israel’s far-right Meretz party, said he is confident that Netanyahu will make the right decision in the coming weeks, and is willing to work with him.

“I am confident that he will make a good choice.

I believe that the prime minister will do what is necessary to secure Israel’s security and prosperity, and I believe he will take decisions based on security,” Edelsteins spokesman, Yossi Cohen, said.

Netani is expected in the city of Beersheba, in the northern West Bank, on Friday for a ceremony.

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