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How did the BJP get away with a fake election victory?

In May this year, Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won Delhi’s Municipal Corporation elections.

This was a massive success for the party, which had won almost half the seats in the city for nearly 20 years.

But the BJP did not have the votes to form a government.

The BJP, which was in power for only a few months, did not expect to have to form an alliance with the Congress.

The alliance was formed, however, to form the government.

The BJP did win over voters, but the Congress was not the only party that came out ahead.

The Congress came out on top in nearly every constituency in the state.

This led to speculation that the BJP would form the next government.

This speculation proved correct.

The alliance formed by the BJP and the Congress did not work out as expected.

The two parties did not agree on many issues, but they agreed on one issue: they wanted to make the electoral process as transparent as possible.

For years, the BJP had maintained that the election process was a “free and fair” one.

But the BJP came out of the election in the red, while the Congress came in second place.

The result was a huge embarrassment for the BJP, and for the state’s Congress Party, which has been in power since independence.

The AAP, a party that had not been part of the government for a long time, took over the reins of power and was given a mandate to form government.

It was an impressive performance.

In December this year , the BJP-led coalition was formed.

This government is currently in power, and the AAP is set to form as a part of that government.

What is going on?

The election results have led to a lot of speculation.

In the short-term, what has happened is that the AAP and the BJP are trying to form their respective governments in a way that is very difficult to pull off.

This is because the AAP has been seen as the least likely party to form such a government, and it has been criticised for not wanting to work with the BJP.

The parties have both been trying to get the BJP to form its government.

On the other hand, the AAP’s success in the elections has given the BJP hope that it could form a coalition with the opposition.

However, the Modi government has so far refused to take any political risk, so it cannot form a minority government.

There are several factors that may have led the BJP in this direction.

The party has been under pressure for months, with the Election Commission questioning its ability to form governments in Delhi.

It has also had to deal with the aftermath of the recent riots, in which thousands of Muslims and Dalits were attacked in the name of a Muslim identity, and which the BJP has not responded to.

It has also faced a series of controversies, and some have been fuelled by the election results.

In October this year the Delhi High Court struck down the Delhi Police’s controversial anti-black mob law.

This ruling also led to the arrest of three senior BJP leaders, including its top leader, Arvind Kejriwal, and six of his top party leaders.

The AAP has also been facing a series a controversies, as well as being under attack by the Congress and the Left for their alleged role in the riots.

In May, the party was forced to apologise to its supporters for its anti-Muslim remarks, which it had made during the Delhi assembly elections last year.

It also had its headquarters attacked by a mob.

This has also led some to suspect that the party has a more pro-Congress agenda than the AAP.

The fact that the Congress is in power and that it is not the party to blame for the riots also makes the BJP uneasy.

The Congress has also said that the Delhi elections were rigged in favour of the BJP’s allies.

In addition, the Congress has accused the BJP of running a dirty campaign, in an attempt to undermine the AAP government.

These allegations are being taken very seriously.

The Delhi Police has also launched an inquiry into allegations of corruption.

The results of the Delhi polls have not been conclusive, but it seems that the people of Delhi have not given the parties a fair chance to form coalitions.

The poll results are the result of an election that is not transparent.

It is the result that is causing the uncertainty.

This has created a situation where the BJP is not able to form coalition with any other party in Delhi, and so they have not made much progress.

The government has been made the subject of intense criticism by the Opposition parties.

In response, the government has announced an investigation into the matter.

There is also a lot to be said for the Modi-led government.

After all, the poll results in Delhi are the outcome of a free and fair election, which the Opposition had called a fake one.

Which is the best car for a man who wants to look like a dork?

In the US, men who want to look more like a gentleman can opt for the Chevrolet Volt or Ford F-150 pickup, both of which have a higher fuel efficiency than their smaller-size counterparts.

And in Europe, Volvo has a smaller but more efficient Volvo S60 and BMW X5 crossover.

The Volt, which is built around a 2.4-liter turbocharged diesel engine, is more than 30 percent larger than the Chevrolet Cruze, the other top pickup in the US.

But the Volt’s gas mileage is comparable to that of a Chevy Volt, the F-350 pickup in Europe.

The F-300, the top American pickup, is less than 15 percent smaller than the Volt.

It is more efficient, however, and has an EPA-estimated driving range of 30 miles per gallon (mpg).

In Europe, where the Volt and F-200 are made, the Nissan Leaf is the top pickup, with an EPA rating of 24 miles per kWh.

The Ford Focus, the third-generation pickup, comes in at 16 miles per kwh, according to the EPA.

The Nissan Versa is the fourth-generation version, which uses a much smaller turbocharged engine.

The Chevrolet Volt is also built with a new technology that reduces the vehicle’s emissions by up to 33 percent.

The automaker says the new technology reduces the use of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxide from diesel engines.

That means the Volt will have a better driving range and fuel economy than its gasoline-powered siblings.

The EPA estimates that the Volt uses 40 percent less fuel than the Ford Focus and 30 percent less than the Nissan Versab.

In Europe, the Volt gets a better fuel economy score, with a range of 20 to 30 miles (32 to 40 km) compared to the Focus and Nissan Versar.

But the Volt doesn’t come with the same benefits as the Focus or Nissan Versas.

The Volt is more fuel efficient than the Focus, but it also has lower EPA ratings than the F/F.

In the US and Europe, you can buy the Volt with the latest-generation battery.

In the UK, the cheapest way to get the Volt is to buy a Plug-In Hybrid, which can be bought on a range-extended lease agreement.

But in Europe it’s not as easy to find a plug-in hybrid in your region.

In a country like the UK that uses fuel efficient cars, the new plug-ins are probably a good deal for the average driver.

But it’s much harder to find them in the United States, where gas prices are high and diesel engines are less efficient.

The UK is a good example of a country that has more than enough electric vehicles to fuel its population, but still has very low rates of electrification.

The British government recently announced plans to introduce a new hybrid car, the Hybrid Roadster, in 2020, which will be powered by a hybrid battery.

But even though the hybrid will be a cleaner, less expensive alternative to diesel, it won’t be cheap.

All Blacks face up to a $5,000 fine after alleged breach of law

All Blacks head coach Steve Hansen is expected to be handed a $1,000 financial penalty after his team’s offence of failing to declare a loss.

The penalty is expected in the coming days, and is likely to be a substantial amount, as the All Blacks will be fined $5.4 million by the Rugby Football Union (RFU) over the alleged breach.

Hansen has been in the media since Friday morning after being contacted by the media.

The RFU issued a statement on Friday saying: “The All Blacks are committed to fair and transparent financial reporting and this is a significant and significant breach of the RFU’s Code of Ethics.”

It is expected that the RFUs financial reporting standards will be changed, and the Rugby World Cup organisers will face a fine of $1.5 million or more for breach of financial reporting requirements.

The All Blacks have now failed to declare $4.5m in losses in 2017, and are expected to pay the RFUI $1 million.

It was reported earlier in the week that the Rugby Rugby World Series would have to be postponed until January. “

This could lead to a significant sanction and, should this be the case, the All Blokes will be subject to the sanction set out in the RFI Code of Conduct and a fine.”

It was reported earlier in the week that the Rugby Rugby World Series would have to be postponed until January.

The IRB will then be forced to consider whether to allow the Rugby Championship to continue in 2018.

It is understood that the World Cup will be delayed until the IRB considers whether it is worth delaying it in the event that the IRV is held.

Rugby World Cups will resume on January 9, 2019 and will be played in the New Zealand venue, with the tournament also being played in Fiji.

How to create your own kids car-specific shoes

A couple years ago, a Dutch mother named Carice van Houten began creating kids shoes for her three children.

Van Houton has spent the past four years crafting a collection of shoes that feature shoes from all different categories of childrens’ footwear.

The collection, called Kids Van Houts, has grown to include sneakers from various categories, including childrens boots, childrens socks, children’s sandals, children wear shoes, and childrens jackets.

The shoe line, which is available in a variety of colors and patterns, is designed to help children find shoes that they enjoy wearing on their own and in the home.

The company is also releasing a new shoe called Kids’ Van Hoes, which can be worn in a number of ways, including in the garage, the yard, the pool, or in the bathroom.

In the new video above, van Houts childrens shoe design team shows off a few of the designs that the company is currently working on, including kids’ sandals.

“We have been working on these shoes for a while, because they are so fun to wear,” van Houteen says in the video.

“They are made of a soft, luxurious fabric, and they’re not too heavy or bulky.

I love that I can wear them in my car and I can put them on with confidence.

They’re great for kids.”

When we spoke with van Houting about her kids shoes, she told us she started the line to make shoes that kids like, because she believes kids should have shoes that are easy to wear.

“It’s fun to look at and play with these little things and you can wear these shoes and it’s easy to play with them and you’ll have fun,” van Hoouten said.

Van Hoouton is now designing shoes for children in the car, with a focus on a few specific categories, but also other things, like a pair of sneakers for her childrens tennis team.

“The tennis shoe is for kids who love to play, because it’s just so fun and it has so much traction,” she said.

“But the tennis shoe also has the power of a childs shoe.”

The shoes, which come in a wide range of styles, can also be worn outside, on the street, in the house, in their car, or by themselves.

Kids Van Hoouts shoes are designed to be worn on the go, with little help from the parents, and are not only easy to fit but also very durable.

The shoes can even be worn by kids on their bike or in a vehicle, and the designs are also comfortable for kids.

“Our shoes are very easy to clean,” van HOOUTEN said.

The brand also offers shoes that fit the average child’s foot, including some of the childrens favorites.

Kids’ shoes have become a staple in the child’s lifestyle, with kids of all ages using the shoes in the family to help them find their favorite colors and styles.

For example, van HOOUNDEN’s daughter, Maxine, wore the shoes for more than a year and said they were the perfect fit.

“I love the soft fabric of the shoe, and it fits well,” she told TechCrunch.

“And the soles are so good.

I like the little slaps, too.

I don’t know if I could wear them to the beach, but they fit really well.”

Kids Van Vans shoes are made with materials like leather, suede, nylon, and rubber.

The line includes styles like the shoes of Van Hoosten’s two sons, Jake and Alex, and her daughters, Nana and Caroline.

For children that want to learn how to build their own shoes, Kids Van Van Houteens shoe collection includes different sizes and styles for each of their kidss shoes.

“In our line, we try to give kids shoes that will look good on their feet and also on the kids,” vanHOOUTEN says in her video.

Why the ‘N Sync’ and ‘Vans’ Are The Best Songs Ever!

With the advent of streaming services and music streaming, people are discovering new songs they never thought they would.

And, as the music industry continues to evolve, it’s become increasingly difficult for the old-school rockers to stay relevant.

And that’s why Van Lathan and the Vans have had to evolve their sound in a big way.

It’s been an interesting ride for the band.

In the ’70s, the Van Lathas were one of the pioneers of the hip-hop and funk movement.

Their albums, “Hip Hop and R&B,” “A Little More Love,” “Humble,” and “Vans” all received critical acclaim, and in the ’80s, they launched their first solo album, “Rudimental,” which was followed by their follow-up, “The Van Lathsons.”

In 2015, they released their second album, and it was one of their most successful to date.

In fact, the album peaked at number one on the Billboard 200.

But the Vampiric Vampires have taken it a step further in the new year.

The band has a full slate of music coming out this year, and they are also releasing a new album, entitled “The Vampiels.”

As a result, they are releasing their second single “The Fierce.”

This is their second solo album since their breakout album “The Deuce,” and it’s also their most collaborative effort yet.

The duo collaborated with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Lil Jon, and the Black Eyed Peas to create a song called “The Loneliness Song.”

The song was inspired by the experience of living alone, and was inspired to explore the loneliness that comes with having a significant other.

“The Fever” was written and recorded in one day.

The songs were recorded at a studio in the studio, and Van Latha’s vocals were recorded in the bathroom of a friend’s house, with an old friend’s cell phone nearby.

The lyrics to “The Fire” reflect the band’s love for their close friends.

“The fire is like a beacon for a city/It reminds me of my friends and the love they gave me.”

Van Lathan says the song is about “finding peace,” and his goal is to find peace in his life.

“I think that it’s something I’m trying to achieve in my life right now,” he says.

“When I was younger, I was just trying to get by.

I was a very selfish kid.

And I was always trying to be the best.

I wasn’t trying to live up to my own expectations.

But when I started writing, I wanted to make music that was a reflection of what I was trying to do.

So I was like, I wanna make a song that’s like, ‘Look at me and be happy.

Don’t feel bad.'”

The song is one of many Van Latures, and he has also been working on new songs with other artists like Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, and Nicki Minaj.

But he says that the songs are not just about his personal life, but are also about “the world at large.”

“I think we’re a global group, and we have to live in that world and we need to move forward.

We’re just trying not to think about ourselves too much, because that’s just how the world works,” he said.

“It’s not what you want to see on a poster, or what you think you want.

You have to be willing to let go of that, and to just be happy with who you are and what you’ve got going on in your life.

You’ve got to be able to live life to the fullest and be really open with yourself and just do your best.”

VanLathan says he is also focusing on his musical career in the same way that he was focusing on making music before he met his bandmates.

“As a musician, I really focused on my music,” he explains.

“But I really got into the art of music as an artist.

And when I was doing that, it just took off.

I had a lot of great moments, and I started thinking, ‘Oh my God, what’s going to happen with music?

How are we going to live with ourselves?’

So that was something I really took on.”

He adds that he’s working on writing a new song for the upcoming Van Latics album, which is scheduled for release this fall.

“I’m working on a song right now that’s about living life to its fullest,” he admits.

“A lot of that is about being happy with yourself, and you’re not trying to conform to others, you’re just living life.”

Watch Van Lava’s video for “The Sinner’s Song” below:The Vampires are currently playing their next show at the Hollywood Bowl, in Los Angeles. For

Which is the most expensive car to convert?

Camper Van Conversion is a company that makes conversions to convert vans from all types of vehicles, whether it be an SUV or a four-door hatchback.

Its mission is to convert them into cars that can be used in the real world.

Its van conversion kits, for example, come with everything you need to convert a Toyota 4Runner, a Ford F-150 pickup, a Dodge Ram 2500, a BMW M5, a Mercedes-Benz E300, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, a Volkswagen Golf, a Mazda CX-5, and a Toyota Camry into a Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camrys, an Acura RDX, a Chevrolet Silverado, a GMC Yukon, and more.

Here’s how it works.


Install the van conversion kit.

You can get a van conversion for under $30 and get it done in about an hour.


Get the conversion kit assembled and tested.

You’ll need to know everything about the vehicle you’re converting.

That includes how long it takes to convert, how much it costs to buy the vehicle, and the condition of the vehicle.


Order the van kit.

All you need is the van, a trailer hitch, and your name, address, and phone number.

Once you’ve ordered your van conversion, it will come with a box and instructions for assembling it.

You may also need to pay a shipping fee, which you’ll have to pay.


Deliver the van.

You will receive a delivery notification that says “We are now ready to deliver your vehicle to you.

Please be sure to read the terms and conditions.”

The van will then be delivered to you in a truck that looks like a typical van.

The van conversion is just the first step in the conversion process.


Enjoy your new car.

If you’re a driver, the conversion is a great way to make a career change.

You won’t be required to drive your van, but you will be able to use it for everyday driving.

The conversion will be an opportunity to drive around the city, so you’ll also have the opportunity to get out and drive around.

And, most importantly, you’ll be able buy a car that you can actually drive.

For those who want to take a more personal role in their life, the van is a wonderful way to get a vehicle that will be a constant companion.

How to beat Van Halen’s ‘van halenspanama’ song – and a van with a horn

In order to beat the van halen’s “van halenespanama” song, you have to make the van look like it’s going to ram it, as well as beating its horns.

The first step is to get rid of the headlights, as the van has a rather long tailpipe, so this is a little tricky. 

But the second step is just to get the van’s body shape right, and it’s really not that hard. 

The van’s shape can be tweaked by removing the rear window, and then adding a few extra doors. 

And the van can still use a few doors if it’s the same size as the original van. 

Once you’ve done that, you can finally get to the van Halen horns. 

You can use any van horn you like, but I’ve found that Van Halenspanam is my favourite, and this is because the van horns are a lot more pronounced, and they add a lot of pizzazz to the song.

So if you’re looking to get your Van Halengaspanama beat, and don’t want to spend a fortune on a van horn, here’s the van horn we use: Van Halenespanam van horns van horns, van halens,van,halen,panama source The Sun article

How the world of the boho van is changing

boho-van owner Jonathan Van Ness has been working on a project for years.

It’s a one-man endeavour. 

“I don’t know if I’ve ever been in a van in the same way as I’ve been in the bingo van,” said Van Ness, from the Isle of Skye.

“There’s a lot of people doing it in different places but it’s just me and my wife.”

I’ve been wanting to do something like that for years and we have a good team here but we haven’t got the funding.

“But I do think that if you do it properly and you get the right people involved it’s a great thing.”

When we started out we were looking to raise £5,000 to buy a van but now it’s been done by a few hundred people. 

We’ve got a good idea of what we need to build and what we want to build it for, but we need a little bit more money.

“Van Ness said his van has been a great help in his travels and that he and his wife were proud to have been able to help in such a short time.”

The van, which was inspired by a British bingo company, will be featured in the upcoming film The World of the Boho Van, directed by Robert Hargrove. “

We’re really proud of it and we’ve had a fantastic time.”

The van, which was inspired by a British bingo company, will be featured in the upcoming film The World of the Boho Van, directed by Robert Hargrove. 

For more information on the bogue van visit or

When the hippie vans and skate shoes became trendy in the 1980s: Why did their popularity soar?

We’re going to go to a place where you can’t go, and I’m going to say this in front of you, and it’s very, very loud, and if you’re not paying attention, you’re going, “Whoa, whoa, oh my god.”

You know, the word is hippie, it means hippie.

But, it’s also a word that was invented by hippies in the 1970s and 80s.

And it was a little bit of a shock to them, because it was something that they knew about.

So when they invented it, they were like, oh, that’s cool, that looks cool, and you can wear that everywhere.

So that’s the whole concept behind them.

But they had this idea that they were a little like, what if we invented something that we could actually use for everyday wear?

And so they created the shoe.

And you can see why the shoe was kind of a hit, because they said, we’re going all the way back to the 60s.

The shoe is kind of this hippie thing.

It was designed to fit like a sneaker, but you can actually wear it.

And when you look at the back of the shoe, you see, in the middle, the shoe has these little pockets, and there’s this little slot at the top, so you can put the keychain.

And the thing is, they also designed the shoes to fit on your toes, and they’ve designed the shoe to be really comfortable.

And they designed the heel to be kind of like a foot pad, because if you get into an accident, you can get your foot all over the place.

And so, if you take the shoes off, you look like you’re wearing sneakers, but your feet are just hanging down.

And then you can do a lot of things with the shoes.

You can do some kind of hip or yoga walk.

You just can do your favorite thing.

And this was something they had never seen before.

They had never, you know, put them on a human.

So it was kind, it was like, wow, they’re going really hard.

It’s not a good idea to wear them every day, but they were really good at making these, like, cool-looking things.

So they made this new shoe that’s really comfortable, but it’s so, like they said it’s a little too big.

And, you have to take off your shoes a little.

And now, the whole idea of that is, if we can make these, then people will wear them.

And that was, it worked for a while, because now we’re here.

And I think we have the most popular shoe on the planet.

So I think that’s going to be a good example of what’s going on with the way that hippies came up with these ideas.

And what’s happening is, you’ve got these cool ideas, and then suddenly, there’s something you can use.

And like, you just, like that, it becomes the new thing.

That’s a really cool way to look at it.

So this is going to take place in a little little bit, and maybe it will be the last.

But for now, we have a lot more to talk about.

How to be the most awesome driver in the world: the rules

When it comes to driving, drivers are just as obsessed as everyone else with what other cars are doing.

And while most drivers have their own set of rules and guidelines, there are a few that are universal across all cars and that should help anyone who is trying to learn how to be a badass.

From keeping your car on the road to making sure your friends don’t accidentally crash it, here’s our guide to how to master the art of being the most badass driver.

What you need to know Before you start: 1.

You should start by talking to the people who drive your car.

There are a number of companies that offer courses that help drivers hone their driving skills, but it’s worth asking if a particular company will take you if you’re new to driving.

You can check out the Driving School UK site for some more tips on this.


If you’re just getting started, you can’t have a lot of time on your hands.

You’re going to need to learn some basics to get you going, like how to park your car, how to turn the lights on and off, and how to deal with the weather.


Even if you do know some of these things, it’s always better to practice your driving before you start.

As with everything in life, practice makes perfect, so take some time out every now and then to practice how to drive the car.


You’ll probably need to take the bus, so ask around to find out how you can get around without it. 5.

If it’s a busy road or you have a few friends with you, there’s no need to go in and out of your home.

Try to practice driving in your car’s garage, or even on the street.


Be sure to talk to people you trust, and ask for their advice on what you should and shouldn’t be doing.


When you start driving, make sure you have enough room to get your feet wet.

You may find that you can drive faster when you’ve got plenty of space, so make sure that you have lots of space.


If your friend’s parents have a car, ask them to give it a test drive.

It’s not too difficult, and it can help you improve your driving skills.


If there are people on the highway, try to get out and see what’s going on.

If they’re not showing up, ask for a ride home.


The rules of driving can vary depending on the car and the type of vehicle.

You need to be careful where you’re driving, so get out of the way of other cars and try not to be distracted.


If the weather is bad, don’t drive too fast.

If conditions are good, there may be more room for you to drive.

If not, keep driving slowly.

If driving too fast can lead to you getting into accidents, try and slow down to a safe speed.


If people are approaching you from behind, take them out.

If a car is behind you, make a turn to avoid it.

If someone approaches you from a side, don’s get out the way.


If drivers are talking to each other, don´t make eye contact.

You don’t want to be too close to them, so don’t be too friendly.


When driving around a busy area, look for other people’s signs.

You won’t be able to see what they’re talking about, but you can be sure that they are there to get their message across.


Don’t speed up if you see other cars approaching from behind.

If other cars have stopped, don’t slow down and continue driving.


Remember to have your eyes on the pavement, even if you don’t have to.

Don’ t look at other drivers, and don’t stop and look at the road.


Drivers should be able and willing to stop and check their mirrors.

If their mirrors aren’t working, don,t stop and wait for them to fix it. 18.

If something is happening to your car while you’re trying to make your way around a complex area, donât try to change lanes.

Donât change lanes if there are no other cars in the way, even though you may be doing that.


Don´t look back to your left or right as you drive.

Don,t look at your mirrors.


Be careful around other pedestrians.

You shouldn’t try to stop or get out if they are walking too close.

You will be seen and could get in trouble.


When in a hurry, always be careful to drive slowly.

You want to avoid running into someone else, but if you get into a jam, you may not be able stop.


Make sure you don,nt drive around people who are driving.

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